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Hi I'm planning on buying a tablet pc and i'm super excited about it, but recently hp renewed the hp tx2z, and now it's called the tm2t. the specs went down.... :o It used to be about 2.2ghz..? but now it went down to 1.3 to 1.6 ghz. the su7300 processor is 1.3 and su9600 is 1.6. I am going to be doing intense work with the computer, alot of word documents. multiple windows and tabs of firefox or internet explorer for research, significant amount of photoshop working, and probably a lot of note taking with the pen. Would 1.6 ghz be able to take this? and also i might have the computer on for long time.
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  1. The 1.6ghz model should give you plenty of power for what you are doing. The 2.2 ghz model was an AMD turion which i beleive would be slower then the intel.
  2. is there a better tablet? I know the hp 2730p, which is also a tablet, but is there others from other companies that anyone recommends?
  3. well how much you want to spend i saw one i would get but its 1500
  4. right around there. not more though
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    If you can afford it this thing will kick some serious butt.
  6. DAMNNN nice, thank you for the 400 bucks of saving! I owe you one, who ever you are hahaha
  7. your welcome do me a favor select me as best answer
  8. you're the only one here hahaha
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  10. LOL thanks
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