Issue with overclocking AMd 9950 BE, AsRock 790GX MB

Ever since I put this computer together my system runs very unstable if I attempt to overclock it.

I am using:

AMD 9950 Black Edition Processor
AsRock AOD 790GX/128 MB
4 2gig sticks of OCZ Platinum Memory
Nvidia GTS 250 Video Card
Mushkin 120 gig SSD
2 Samsung 1 TB HD
Thermaltake A90 Case with 3 120mm Fans, 1 200mm Fan
700 watt OCZ power supply

If I leave everything stock it runs fun, not amazing but fine.
If I try to overclock anything from processor, to video card computer will bsd with in minutes in not instantly. The degree of overclocking does not matter either. If you move it up at all it crashes.
I have replaced the memory with G.Skill and did same thing.

Any suggestions on what to trouble shoot to find why my system continues to do this?
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  1. What kind of cooling do you have on your CPU? If you don't have a good CPU the AMD CPUs will not run very well when overclocked.

    There is a lot to know about overclocking many factors which vary from your CPU voltage and thermal limits to ensuring you have the correct voltages/amperage on your CPU lines.

    What is your stock CPU speed and Voltage, and what kind of Voltages/speeds are you trying?
  2. It was not a cooling issue. It was one of two things but it was the fix was in the bios.

    Originally I had 2 1TB HD set up as raid 0 and had the bios set to default raid.
    I then moved to a SDD a while back and had it set to standard default in bios.
    I loaded the performance bios settings and then I was able to overclock everything without any issues.

    I've been running overclocked video card and processor for a almost 2 months now without a single BSOD.
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