P6X58D Premium Hyper 212+ G. Skill 12gb Ram

I will be using the mentioned board and HSU and the Pi series of the g.skill ram hopefully if I can get all 6 sticks in there with this HSU. Can anyone verify that this will all work together for me? Also with be running 2 fans for push pull facing front to back. Thanks
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  1. Good board, good ram....I am running both! As for the heatsink, should work.
  2. I was in the same question go
    4 it they are good match i have them O.C to
    4.4 on air...with
    noctua cooler Modded
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    If ur RAM is a low profile RAM (Not HyperX or PI series) u should not have any problem to run the Hyper 212+ with dual fan and the six RAM slots.
  4. so you are using this ram with the same mob but using the noctua NH-D14? what did you mod on the fan? also I played with the build a little and I think I am gonna go with the NH-D14 and the this ram because I found a video on youtube with this ram and cooler on this mobo so no doubts about fit
  5. to help you out, you should be fine unless you get a larger HS/F I haver a NOctua D-14 and found i needed normal height ram I got some mushkin redline enhanced.. high speed and low cas and fits under that hs. hope it helps. if you plan on high overclocks, you may wnat a beefier hs. honestly up to you though..
  6. Good choice, the d14 is more suited for people who overclock with money to spend
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