Folder sharing option required in limited user account in winxp

I have two questions
1. Folder sharing option is required in limited user account in winxp...
2. How to restrict a user in changing the IP address details with out changing the administrator user account previlege in winxp...
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  1. you must make sure the user account in question does NOT have administrator privilege to accomplish those tasks.
  2. A limited user account by it's nature won't have sharing options. If you need someone to configure sharing, they need to be a regular account and restrict that one with group policies if you need to.

    The second quetion is a bit odd, as a regular user can't change IP address without being an admin, so you don't have to do anything to restrict them, it's already restricted.
  3. In other words, admin accounts have nearly unlimited access to the system. They MUST be a standard user if you want to restrict them.
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