Need help on adding LED fans!!

Hello everyone! I recently bought two new fans for my case. I have never added fans other than for water cooling before. I am not sure why I am hitting these problems and hoping I can get some advice. For starters when I plug in the fan (I am only using one to test the other is still in the box) and turn the system on it works fine but when I hit the lights on/off button on the front plate of my CM Storm Trooper the other case fans go off but it stays on. Also I can not get them screwed in which I know is more of a case problem but maybe you guys can help or even advice me to put them some where else. I was planning on putting them on the right side of the case next to each other. But The long screws the case comes with are not screwing into the wholes and I already consulted the manual for the case and it shows the long screws with only the very bottom of the the screw is threaded just like the ones I am trying. So yeah if you have any advice how to get them in or make the LEDs turn on or off let me know! I can return the fans if they cant be set up to go on and off and buy new ones if hats the case can you guys recommend red fans that can go on or off? Thanks a ton!!


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  1. The long screws I believe(I could be wrong) are meant for the 200mm Megaflow fans CM makes. At least they were for my HAF 912 anyway. As for the led's you can get fans just like the others here they are 6.99 each and available in Red/Blue/Green.
  2. So the ones I have now can not be toggled on and off?
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    I'm guessing not, as this review from Newegg states the fans get brighter/dimmer with changes in speed.

    Pros: Nice lights. Not too bright, but it sits under my desk so its not in my face. Light dims and brights when you change speed with a fan controller. Have 2 of these in the front (inward) and 2 on the top (outward) of my CM912 case. Actually rose my temps until I put a higher CFM fan on the side (inward). Now they work fine

    Meaning it's not something likely to be toggled on or off. Plus if you look at this image of the CM Fan for your case you'll notice it has 2 separate connectors coming out of the fan, one for the fan, and most likely the other for the LED.

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