2.5ghz processor/or and 3.2ghz processor

How big of a difference would I notice changing from my AMD phenom II 805 2.5ghz, to a Phenom II X4 955 3.2ghz processor? I mean is it worth upgrading or should I just keep what I have? Oh and I need some advice on changing from windows 7 32bit to windows 7 64bit and adding 4 more gigs of RAM I know if i did both of these i would notice a huge change, but just need some advice.
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  1. OK is this a homebuilt rig or is it a dell or something because if you can you can overclock that 805 to 3.2 ghz with little to no trouble. 64bit is the way to go dump that 32bit OS and utilize the full potential of your system.
  2. Depends what you are doing with your system, everyday tasks you wont notice a difference with any of those changes. For gaming you might get a bump in FPS if your CPU happens to be bottlenecking you, but upgrading to Win 7 64 and adding 4GB more wont help if you already have 4GB unless you do a lot of photo and video editing.
  3. Ya i have a home built rig and just everyday tasks seem to bog down a lot of the time, opening windows goes slow sometimes games i play get jumpy from time to time, I play a lot of flight simx and when i look at my cpu usage while playing the game all 4 cores are running at about 80% and my ram is at 75% temps differ between 39C to 43C. I know the problem isn't my video card considering i dumped 389 dollars into one last week i have a ATI Radeon HD 5870 1gb ddr5, I don't know if this is going slow because i have a 37" hd screen or what but something needs to change because i am really picky about how my computer runs and i don't want a slow one at all
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