My LCD screen turns turquoise

Hey guys, this is my first post here, I've got an issue with my laptop

I have a compaq presario c769us (I bought it a year and a half ago), it came with windows vista sp1 installed but I installed windows 7 about 1 month ago.

The problem appeared suddenly, whenever I open the screen a little further than normal (let's say 110 degrees) what's white on it turns turquoise, if I close the lid a little (100 degrees or less) it goes back to normal. When the computer is booting, just before windows starts, if I open the lid too much, same thing happens but a red vertical thin line appears 1 inch away from the right side of the screen. Again, if I close the screen a little, goes back to normal.

This happens ONLY when I open the screen further than normal, if I don't do that everything is normal no matter for how long I use my laptop.

Obviously this issue is hardware-related, because a mechanical action (moving the screen) is what triggers this problem.

What do you think? Could it be the cable that connects the LCD to to the graphics card? or do you think the whole LCD is screwed up?

This is a video I recorded for you to better understand my problem:

Thanks in advance! :D
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  1. the cable and wire conecting the monitor is broken?
  2. It's a laptop, I haven't removed any component to find out
  3. Yes, it's a laptop, it could be any wire or cables connecting to the monitor are broken or snap...
  4. I wanted to read opinions before I open the computer, I've never done it before
  5. If u don't want to open a laptop then bring it to professionals, some kind of service center i think...
  6. I had a laptop that would turn funny colors and also go blank. The ribbon cable started to come loose in the plug on the main board. I guess from opening and closing. I took the plastics off and reseated the cable. Never had an issue after that.

    Either that of the cable is one of those that is in a bundle and runs through the hindges and it broke or rubbed down.
  7. Thanks for the advice, I will try to remove the cover and reseat the cable
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