AMD 4200+ with a 8800GT.. best upgrade path!


I know a 4200+ with an 8800 GT (the 512mb model btw) isn't well balanced to start with but... the majority of games I play run fine, a few don't mainly new games of cos!

I have an 'sli ready' machine but I've read that running sli on such an old processor is a waste of money (and it's gonna cost nearly a ton to buy another 8800gt).

I'm not bothered about playing games at highest settings but 1680x1050 would be nice.

Any opinions on my upgrade path...
-another 8800gt, I guess would be limited by my processor?
-a new super-duper graphics card likewise?
-a new motherboard, CPU and memory? most expensive option but would it give me a serious boost sticking with my 8800?

or should i just bin the above options and wait until i can afford a whole new setup, which could be sometime (even the new motherboard etc would be on finance right now).

Thanks for any advice :-)
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  1. oh sorry, i thought this hadn't posted! please ignore this thread!!
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