HTPC upgade - drive configuration advice needed

In the process of planning a HTPC upgrade and wondering what the latest thinking on drive confirguration is.

Planning to buy something like a 7200 sata2 1.5TB WD Caviar Green.

Should I be putting everything (OS/page file/data) onto seperate partitions on this drive, or do I want multiple drives?

(I have several sata2 5400 80/250GB drives spare due to this upgrade)

Media Centre running XP MCE edition
Asus M2NPV-VM (onboard Geforce 6150) (socket AM2, DDR2 8gb max 240pin)
AMD 64 X2 Dual Core 3800+
2014 Ram (4 x 512 corsair)
Hauppage Nova-DT Dual DVB-T
Antec NSK2480 with a seasonic aswell I think
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  1. The WD isn't very fast. Check out the Samsung Spinpoint F3s (500 GB or 1 TB).

    As far as partitioning is concerned, I don't really know. I do know that you shouldn't use those 5400 drives as the OS/apps drive. It will be slower, even with less data.

    What's you're budget for the upgrade? If all you're doing is adding HDDs and it's $250+, I'd look into grabing a 1 TB F3 for $85 and a small SSD for the OS/apps. If it's less than that, get as many F3 as you can.
  2. I'd recommend going with a multi-drive setup, but go ahead and use your 5400 250GB for the OS/Applications if you're not concerned about boot/app-loading times. I just don't see where the additional cost is worth the few moments (seconds?) I'd save.

    -Wolf sends
  3. If you are using it as HTPC only, just get the lowest $$$/Gb drive out there. You play movies and stuff at approx. 1Mb/s (even for blu ray it's about 5Mb/s). The slowest HDD you can find probably can do 35-40 Mb/s. Fast HDD gets you nothing. And the Caviar Green saves power :)
    As for partition/separate drive for OS, just use your old drives or create a tiny partition. Once again won't make any difference.
  4. Just a quick note: The Samsung Spinpoint F3 is both the fastest and cheapest ($$/GB) out right now. The Seagate 7200.12 is a close second at the same price, but slightly slower. WDs are miles behind both of these. I'm running 2 1 TB Samsungs in my HTPC right now (unpartitioned, OS/apps on one, data on the other), and have not had any problems.
  5. There is almost NO point in putting your Page file in a separate Partition on the same drive. The main reason for putting the Page File NOT on your OS drive is to avoid the head seek time when it is used. But if the file is simply in another place on the same drive, you lose ALL of that advantage. Ideally, put the Page File on a different physical drive from your OS and apps drive.
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