AMD 4200+ and 8800GT upgrade path


I know a 4200+ with an 8800 GT (the 512mb model btw) isn't well balanced to start with but the majority of games I play run fine, a few don't mainly new games of cos!

I have an 'sli ready' machine but from what i've read online sli on such an old processor is a waste of money (and it's gonna cost nearly a ton to buy another 8800gt).

I'm not bothered about playing games at highest settings but 1680x1050 resolution would be nice.

Any opinions on my upgrade path...
-another 8800gt, I guess would be limited by my processor?
-a new super-duper graphics card likewise?
-a new motherboard, CPU and memory but keep my 8800gt? most expensive option but would it give me a serious boost sticking with my 8800?

or should i just bin the above options and wait until i can afford a whole new setup, which could be sometime (even the new motherboard etc would be on finance right now, i just really want to play batman).

Thanks for any advice :-)
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  1. Well to be honest everything just about to get some real performance increase. It just would not be worth the money to throw into that system. I would say go for a new motherboard and processor, a phenom ii x4 955BE would be a good start.

    Do you have a budget?
  2. There is also a way to flash the 8800GT bios to turn it into a 9800GT.
  3. Wow fast reply ty! The idea of flashing my 8800 to a 9800 sounds good if I do the motherboard upgrade, but you think that's a waste of time? I figured the graphics card wasn't that old and a new CPU would be ok.

    I really wanted to play newish games like Batman for £300 (I think that's about $500) but tbh there are a lot of old games out there that i can get cheap now.

    If anybody has any other opinions please post, otherwise i guess I'm saving up my pennies :-)
  4. what motherboard you have can it support an am3 socket?
  5. btw, i did have a max budget of £450.. that was for an i5-750, decent basic motherboard, 4gb ram and windows 7.. but sticking with my 8800gt.
  6. for 450 budget you should go with a phenom ii x4 955 or 965 BE
  7. sadly not, i remember checking that out about a year ago which is why i got the 8800gt (whch was great at the time lol)
  8. Decent AMD motherboard AM3 socket $70 to $100

    Phenom II x4 965BE $180

    4 gigs DDR3 1600 Ram $100
  9. and stay with the 8800GT which should be fine for most anything you can find. I have a 9800GT and it runs everything i can throw at it on maxed out settings only game that gets a little choppy is crysis but everything else very playable framerates i overclocked a lil to get it there but still a nice card. The 9800 is basically the 8800gt rebranded so will perform the same get EVGA precision and overclock it as much as you can i got mine doing 700mhz core 1700mhz shader clock and 2200 memory should be able to get similar with 8800 GT.
  10. I'd actually been focused on the i5-750 if I was going to change motherboard, but that sounds cheap as chips (more pricey in blightey of cos), I'll check that out tx, probably cost me just over £300 on a quick search, £150 cheaper (than I was gonna pay) :-)
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