Help, i download a block site and when i block

help, i download a block site and when i block runs...the problem is i cant unblock it anymore... even i uninstall what ive downloaded...and when i try to unblock facebook on that tells that, for me to unblock it, i must buy their software... i dont have money... and its from other country... Help...what im going to do?
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  1. You using IE? Download firefox =P

    You can also try and see if the program is still running in your browser under add-ons or whatever it's called in IE.
  2. no...its applicable to all web browser like firefox,IE....i try google chrome but it doesnt work... :'(
  3. I'd run some spyware//adware software and see what you find.
  4. ?what?
    Download the free version, and run a quick scan. You most likely downloaded spyware.
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