New build very unstable, please suggest any diagnostic softwares

Hi, I just got a new build but it is very unstable. I hope to know about any softwares for diagnostic-ing CPU, MB, RAM, HD, GPU, OS, BIOS, drivers, registry....etc to solve the problem.

Some background info:

Newly bought parts:
PhenomII X4 955
Gigabyte MA785GT UD 3H
Gigabyte 5770
OCZ 2GB x 2
Aerocool 550W PSU
LG DVD 24x

Old parts:
SATA 320GB with 32bit XP as OS

What I did do/didn't do:
I just physically plugged the parts together.
I did not set anything in BIOS.
The XP was what I was using with my old PC.
I did not format/fresh install an OS.
I did not uninstall the old drivers.
I did install new drivers

The problem:
Random error(The kind of error where it asks you do you want to report to microsoft) happen for these programs: (which never happened when I was on my old PC):
Internet Explorer 8
MSN / Windows Live Messenger
Window Media Player
Adobe Acrobat
Also, copying large amount of files around resulted in reboot once.

I don't know what went wrong,
hardware? overheat? bios? os? drivers?
Please help. Thanks a lot.
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  1. ugh.
    Format C.
  2. Just had another 2 reboots/hangs
    2. White screen hangs
  3. I suppose you can start with a memory test with something like ""
    There's also an app that calculates "pi" (3.14xxx) for you. ""
    "HD Tune" demo runs your HDD for some performance tests.
    They simply put your hardware to full load for a long enough time so you can see if they go bad.
    Also, unplug devices like DVD players and secondary HDD, to see if it's a power supply thing.
    Unplug all USB devices.
    Is the fan spinning???
    All these (and more) assuming it's a hardware problem.

    On the software side, I guess you said it yourself -> uninstall all drivers, restart, install new drivers (afterall you have all new hardware). Check and see if you need to install some crazy stuff like some C++ runtime or .net framework, etc.

    The trick of course is to reproduce the faults (just as good to reproduce the condition in which faults are highly likely to occur) ^^! When you say you have random errors... it's really hard...

    Also, there are usually associated error codes and reports with these faults. See if they provide any leads. Good luck!
  4. you need to re-format and reinstall windows, if you changed motherboards. The old install of windows has drivers and other software for the old motherboard and probably graphics card, etc. These old drivers are conflicting with your new drivers and probably causing your problems.
  5. +1 to the Windows reinstall. You are lucky that it even decided to run at all.

    If you have another drive, reformat the new drive, plan-vanilla install Windows (with new drivers, etc.), connect the old drive to the new system temporarily (either external or internal) and then use either a 3rd party utility to move the files and setting, or the built-in Files and Setting Transfer wizard that is on your Windows install disc. Once you have moved everything on to the new system, you can format the old drive and use it either as a backup or storage volume. I recommend backup.
  6. Definitely do the hard drive format and reinstall Windows like everyone else has suggested.

    New motherboard + existing hard drive = bad problems. There will be all kinds of lingering drivers and settings from the old motherboard, and most of the time they're difficult if not impossible to fix while keeping the OS intact.
  7. Ok I took the 160gb SATA for format and XP reinstall.
    But the nightmare didnt stop.
    While I was updating the drivers. It couldn't boot after installing the graphics driver.
    So I have to format and reinstall XP for the second time.

    This second time is more mild. As I update with driver from ATI instead of the one on the CD.

    The current status is that 3DMark06 will crash after the first test: Return to Proxycon.

    I am trying out all of you guys' suggestion, thanks a lot.
  8. News from the front:
    Downloaded that memtest thing, burnt to disc and booted from it.

    Blue screen with lots of clustered text that I am not sure which figures belongs to which columns.

    However very outstanding is the following two spots:

    A. The columns of "Test Errors"
    0 0
    1 32767
    2 0

    Errors per Memory Slot
    0 : 60034 and rising as I type
    1: 0

    Have replaced the ram, now 3dmark06 runs fine. I hope it is the sole problem of my misfortune.
    Thanks all!!!!
  9. Yeah sounds like RAM was the major culprit. Good luck!
  10. Oh, the offending ram is an OCZ, beware guys.
  11. yamfun said:
    Oh, the offending ram is an OCZ, beware guys.

    Do you have the exact specs on it? If the voltage was anything other than 1.5V for DDR3 or 1.8V for DDR2, it may have not been getting enough voltage if -- as you said -- you didn't set the voltage yourself in the BIOS. So there's a chance the RAM is OK but the settings were just wrong. Which would mean you had two separate, unrelated problems, the OS and the RAM.

    May be worth looking into rather than throwing the memory away.
  12. Well uh, it's too late. I have already have the retailer replaced the RAM with a pair of identical model.

    With that new pair, I also didn't set anything in BIOS, yet it does not fail in memtest(though I didn't ran the test for a long time actually), also, with the new pair, the 3dmark06 immediately stops crashing.

    Still, I will have a look at voltage.
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