Asus M3N HD HDMI windows 7 drivers and best Graphic card suggestions

Hii All,
I want to have a better performance than windows-xp with my Asus M3N HD HDMI m'board, so I decided to opt for Windows-7 os..... I tried searching for the motherboard drivers for windows-7...but found that the Asus is still under issues of its own sweet time in releasing the drivers for Windows-7. Could any one suggest me better options, I have been waiting for these drivers since a long for almost 6months. I was told that windows-7 has its own inbuilt drivers but I am in a dilemma weather it would slow down the performance of my pc...... Windows-7 os with the right drivers would really boost my working time by a better rendering speed and a better out put of my 3D game models, textures and assets.

I have done a complete google R&D regarding the windows-7 drivers for Asus M3N HD HDMI m'board.......finaly ended up trying my luck in this forum. Plz help!!!!! Also I would request the forum mates to suggest me a good graphics card that would better go with the present configuration, presently im using crosier Ram 800Mhz X 3, and im planning to upgrade it for Crosier Extreme 1066Mhz X 4, or OCZ 1066Mhz 2gb x 2......Plz suggest me the best choice for a graphic card, also I would like to know if there is a way where I can use the inbuilt 512mb graphics along with the on board graphic card. Waiting for a shower of suggestions....
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  1. First, you are able to use the generic Win7 drivers provided by for your on-board video needs. They will perform better than the Win7 provided default drivers. You do not have to use the Asus provided video drivers.

    If you want to purchase a discrete GPU, the forum will need to know about your budget, your PSU, and your planned resolution. These factors will be needed to make a good recommendation.
  2. I missed a question regarding using the on-board GPU with a discrete GPU. Nearly all motherboards disable on-board GPUs when a discrete GPU is detected. There are some hybrid Crossfire solutions for ATI GPUs (you have Nvidia on-board).

    If your motherboard supports Hybrid SLI and you install a suitable, compatible discrete GPU you may be able to use both simultaneously. Can you verify that your motherboard supports Hybrid SLI? If so, I am sure we can find you a suitable additional GPU.
  3. Hii COLGeek,

    Couldnt get back to the forum for a while.....I regret for it.
    Alas I found some motivational feeds for my asus MD, presently I have a NVIDIA nForce 750a SLI HDMI in built graphic card. I dono why I have this craving for a Quadro graphics card, since I have heard that it can handle heavy models with heavy mesh...but have no clue weather it will go well wit my motherboard.

    Ok then my budget for the graphic card would be up to 150$-200$ or less than. with reference to your suggestions I shall try installing Windows 7, I dono about resolution wise.....Im open to all sorts of resolutions which would best suit, never slows down my 3D rendering..... I have placed an order for a 4gb OCZ 1066Mhz Reaper dual cabin ram for the best performance. You could suggest me a better GC with reference to the ram that I will be using in a couples of week time.

    Coming to supports Hybrid SLI, "YES" my motherboard supports Hybrid SLI tech.

    Config of my pc:

    MB:Asus M3N HD-HDMI
    Processor: AMD Quad core Phenom 9850, Black edition
    Ram: Crosier 1gb x 3, 800Mhz (with heat sink tech)
    Graphic: inbuilt NVIDIA nForce 750a SLI (I was told that
    its a 512mb Graphic Card)
    Hard drive: WD 250gb HDD

    Note: Will be upgrading the ram to, 4gb OCZ 1066Mhz Reaper dual cabin ram
  4. The Quadros are indeed good GPUs for traditional workstation applications, may experience with them has been generally quite positive. They are not, however, good for gaming. Not sure if that is a concern of yours, so I thought I would pass along.

    Newegg has this Quadro in your price range (I don't expect you would be able to use any Quadro in a Hybrid SLI mode, but could be wrong):

    A much more capable ATI FireGL based solution can be found at for only $30 more, still in your range:

    I would definitely go with the FireGL. Regardless, good luck!
  5. First of all, thanx for all the suggestions. But the Quadro that u suggest seems to be "PNY VCQFX580-PCIE-PB Quadro FX 580 512MB 128-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 Workstation Video Card".......... the letters "GDDR3", does it mean that it only supports DDR3 memories. My MD only supports DDR2 memories, forgot to mention it in the config list above.

    Secondly is ter a difference between a Graphic card and a Video card......coz I came across these references, some read PCI Video card, some read PCI Graphic card. And other query that im thinking about is, IS THERE A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE GRAPHIC CARDS USED FOR GAMING PURPOSE AND 3D RENDERING PURPOSE. I thought both serve the same need.

    And the "ATI 100-505508 FireGL V7600 512MB PCI Express x16 Workstation Video Card"....u suggest has good reviews in utilization with maya. But its limitations are only till Windows Vista, what if i want to use it with "windows 7"........ (Thou i know that Asus has yet not come up with the drivers for my MD)....... And do this GPU will be an add on with my present inbuilt Graphic card.....I mean will I be able to multiply the present 512 inbuilt GPU with the on board 512 GPU, so reading a total of 950 to 1000mb of GPU.

    I want to have a clear vision before I invest on my graphic card, hence im coming up with so many queries.

    Thanku COLGeek, I appreciate ur patience toward me.
  6. First, the type of memory on the GPU (there is no difference between a graphics card and a video card) has nothing to do with the type of memory used on the motherboard. As long as you have an available slot of the appropriate type, like PCI-E x16 (v2.0 or v2.1) you are good to go.

    Workstation GPUs like the Quadros and FireGLs are optimized for 2D/3D rendering, CAD, and other professional uses. They strive for quality over speed. Gaming GPUs, like the Radeon 4XXX/5XXX series and Nvidia 2XX/4XX series are optimized for speed over quality. You can perform both types of applications with both cards, it is just that they excel in the tasks they were designed for.

    The FireGL card works VERY well with Win 7. In fact, the system I am using right now has a similar FireGL model in it and I am using Win 7 Pro x64.

    I am sure that you will not be able to combine your on-board GPU memory with memory with either card. You would have to find an appropriately supported Nvidia GPU and drivers. From what I have been reading Nvidia is not really supporting well either.

    My advice is to buy a discrete GPU to meet your needs. You can use the on-board GPU until you decide, but trying to use the on-board and an appropriate discrete GPU together is not worth the hassle.

    Good luck!!!
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