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Okay so now that I have upgraded to a new i7 930 , my Q6600 is left over with the older motherboard being kaput (P5N32-e SLI) so now I want to build a PC for my dad. I have old leftovers including an old Geforce GTS 320MB and 3GB DDR2 RAM . So is there a mircoATX motherboard I can use so that I can build a new pc for him?? He needs something sturdy and long lasting which will last in his workplace. Please recommend.

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    Newegg has 78, or so, mobos that meet your criteria.

    Depending on whether you need 2 or 4 memory slots to use all 3GB of your memory will help to narrow down your selection. I am currently using this Asrock mobo with a Q6600 in my wife's PC and I have been very happy with its performance and stability:
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