Plug graphics card into montior twice?

On my graphics card i have 2 dvi ports..

With my monitor i have 1 DVI port 1 HDMI port.

Im currently using a DVI to DVI connetion for my HD monitor

A friend told me i should also connect a DVI-HDMI into the same exact monitor so i have both th DVI to dvi and the dvi to hdmi into the same monitor.. does this benefit the monitor in any way?
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  1. Not at all. Your monitor has 2 different inputs. They are only used one at a time unless you have a Picture in Picture option of some sort.

    I would suggest not listening to your friend for any more technical advice :heink:
  2. There is usually a setting in the monitors menu to select whichever port you have the video connected to, at least on the monitors I have seen. Some may be "auto-detecting" as well. But basically, yeah, the monitor can only use one port or the other, not both at the same time.
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