Sapphire 5850, What are good MFG for GPU?

I've got a i7 920 with a evga x58, 6 gig ram and they are calling for a graphics card. I'm looking at the Sapphire ati 5850 as it fits in my smallish case Scout Case.

Its also a reach getting to that $309 range. It's the best I can do. Now what to buy. While searching around I found some happy people with Sapphire and I found some very unhappy people with Diamond. I returned my initial 5770 because it was from a company that seems to leave people on the island of no support.

Is the Sapphire a good brand and I should just pull the trigger or does anyone have something to weigh in on for this company.
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    All the reference cards are the same, each manufacturer just slaps their sticker on them and gives you a warranty and shiny box. Some will OC their cards or engineer their own cooler. Sapphire is the largest manufacturer of ATI cards. You are basically paying for any modifications to teh stock card, warranty/support, and any additional stuff that is included with the card (cords, adapters, games, etc).

    I never had to deal with Sapphire support as I never had a sapphire card go bad. XFX is good to deal with as is ASUS. Not sure about Diamond.
  2. I second sapphire, but also can't comment on their customer support, as all the sapphire cards I have owned are still going strong in one form or another.
  3. I have had one RMA with Sapphire. It went trouble free, the only thing is that I had to sign up for their forum and get the RMA through a moderator there but like I said no problems.
  4. I also recomend SAPPHIRE! Its great!
  5. Aneesh@4GHz said:
    I also recomend SAPPHIRE! Its great!

    had to pull the tigger and get the sapphire 5850 card. Thanks for the info. If they sucked I'm sure someone would have been happy to rant about it.
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