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I want to purchase a couple of monitors for the two PCs we have in the house.

I want them both for playing online games and watching Blue ray Movies and i-players, so I would want something capable of showing this in HD, my current monitors are 3 yrs old and do not have this capability.

The market is saturated with monitors and it is quite a daunting task to choose a good one.

The size I want to buy is the 24" models - I have had a look at Samsung but they have about 20 models as do LG.

My current PC stats are listed and I am getting a new PC with an i7 intel and the latest ATI 5870 - I am assuming both pc's are capable of running a 24".

If any of the experts can recommend something then that would be super.
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  1. Thanks - I went for the LG in the end - a little more expensive but the features look super :D
  2. yea LED=PONAGE!!!!!!!!! :D
  3. For a TN panel, I'm partial to the Asus 1920 x 1200 models. If accurate color reproduction is desired, the IPS panel from Dell (U2410) is the entry point.
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