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Hello everyone.I have a amd phenom 2 x4 820 that a good processor? i can not find a review on it anywhere.Its driving me insane.Its blazing fast in my games and everything.I may actually buy the 965 soon to upgrade.But for now is this a good processor.and can any of you find a review of it.
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  1. IT is a decent processor that was released at the same time as the X3 720 but was kind of lost in the 720 release and the release of faster quads shortly afterwards with more L3 cache - Here is an article that covers it and the 720 ( )
  2. it is a great processor, very capable and it is fine for games
  3. I would wait for the next generation before upgrading. Or at least for Thuban.
  4. No point upgrading that - it should overclock quite nicely too if you want any more grunt.
  5. don't so only if AMD comes out with 32nm fabrication processors
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