No taskbar, Cannot copy paste, No sound, computer keeps restarting and other pro

My computer is absolutely messed up one time i got blue screen of death and it restarted but after it restarted it is now super messed up. My computer its windows xp SP3. Long lost the recovery disk so cant use it.

After the restart now the computer every now and then randomly switches off for no reason and says it has recovered fom a serious error. There is no taskbar at the bottom. It cannot cut and paste any of my items which is annoying because i want to back up all my things and just install a new operating system from fresh.
There is no sound it says error bad directsound driver error code 8878000A. I installed the new directx drivers still nothing. When i sfc /scannow it does it then dissapears before i can see anything. I cannot system restore its says it cannot run on my computer to restart and try again but when i do still the same message.
I have tried MOST things please someone help me this is really annoying me i have resorted to using my playstation to watch things on youtube.

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  1. it also says at the start "rundll32.exe error entry point could not be found" so it doesnt start
  2. The system restore when i accesed it said "system restore not able to protect computer please restart and run system restore again"

    Cannot system repair because dont have the windows recovery disk

    Cannot do clean install because i have important files i need to backup before doing that

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