Windows XP pro Sytem Disk

I did not make system recovery disk and now my computer crashed.

When i turn on my laptop on blank screen message reads:

PXE-E61 Media test failure, check cable
PXE-MOF exiting intel boot agent
Insert system disk in drive
Press any key when ready

Where I can download system recovery disk on a CD for windows XP pro?
Microsoft has a download page only for floppy discs, not for CD.

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  1. Check that the hard drive is seen in the BIOS'

    Hard drive has probably died.
  2. How i can check if the hard drive is seen in BIOS?
    I am a newbee please reply as simple as possible. Thanks
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    on the POST screen press the DEL key to enter the bios. there is a section that shows what drives are detected. if your hard disk is not detected you should replace it. You can also boot from an Ubuntu or Fedora CD to see if you can access and recover any of your data from the hard disk.
  4. It might also be f2 to get into bios.
  5. I can enter bios by pressing F12 key. There are 5 images: 3 discs stack up, single disk, floppy disk, two pc side by side and PC card. I selected each of them one by one nothing happened. Screen goes the same blank screen with the above mentiond message.

    This is a old laptop - Satellite 1860 SA170P. But it works for me because i use for internet.

    I will try Ubuntu CD. Can someone please suggest me where i can download?


    You can lok at your boot order, sounds like it is trying to boot from lan, I agree sounds like your hard drive is toast. You may be able to order a cd from the manufacturer.
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