Hello,what is the current most expenvive component of a computer
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  1. A computer? It depends... Could be the CPU if you buy a server processor, could be the GPU if you buy the fastest one, could be the ram if you buy 24 gigs... Who knows...
  2. SSD's aren't far off in some people's rigs. All depends on what you do and how you prioritize your budget.
  3. Thank you
  4. Thank you
  5. My case is made from one solid piece of hollowed out diamond.... I glued the shavings to my mouse......
  6. The piece that breaks.
  7. i guess an i7 eXtrme edition....or a relly huge LED monitor that will cost u a LOT
  8. graphics card
  9. Many people believe the PC is made out of the "CPU", which is the case and all the components, actually; and the monitor. It just generates lots of misunderstandings when these people come over to the forums.
  10. PC means Personal Computer and it's incomplete without a montor, the CPU is the Central Processing Unit means all that you can stuff in your cabinet..... LOL :P
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