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hello, i built my first computer last summer, and the only problem i noticed was the cpu temps. i noticed that they were high compared to others idle temps. my cpu is an i7 920, stock hsf, temps ranging around 50s at idle... i reapplied the hsf several times because i thought i didn't paste the thermal paste correctly, but overall the same results. btw, i used an old artic silver paste that was several years old, in the refridgerator, if that may affect anything. so i thought id just leave it, and maybe itd break in and cool down, but it hasnt. i also found an article that my cpu temps might not be correct and may need calibrating, so i left it. now, im trying to play bioshock 2, which i noticed made my cpu temps go insane, one core went to 90s, so i immediately stopped the game. i am wondering if my cpu is defective, or i should try to get a better hsf, or my temps are incorrect, or the thermal paste was too old? btw, i never could leave p95 on because my temps went so high i stopped it before it went any higher. thanks
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  1. Ok those temps are way too high should never see it go into the 90s. So 90% of the time it is caused by Bad airflow or your thermal paste is not applied correctly.

    This is a great article on applying thermal paste correctly.
  2. i have reapplied the thermal paste several times, in both as a dot and a line, but every time the temps result the same. do you think maybe because the thermal paste im using is bad? old arctic silver, 5 years old?

    EDIT: the thermal paste is about 5 years old, artic silver 5
  3. It could be i doubt it though but new paste cost what $10 cant hurt to try. What kind of case do you have and how many fans you got running?
  4. i have a smilodon case, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811156063&cm_re=smilodon-_-11-156-063-_-Product
    all the case fans running, one front, two side, one rear, but one of the side fans are mainly for the graphics card. i cannot control the fan speed of my case fans, i wish i could though, if there was a way.
  5. What's your current heatsink?
  6. stock, im thinking about getting a better one if new thermal paste doesnt work.
  7. Those horrible push-pin connectors really don't give enough contact pressure between heatsink and CPU, plus it's possible that you have a "bad" one and the pins are even worse than normal.

    There's plenty of quiet and efficient heatsinks out there nice and cheap that are properly screwed in with a backplate - Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus and Cogage True Spirit spring to mind. Give one of them a whirl.

    Also, my Arctic Silver 5 is 8 years old and it's still fine. If you find that you're squirting thin liquid then your suspension has separated a little so slide a long sewing needle into the nozzle hole and slowly spin it around to help mix everything back up.

    Just for a sanity check though - when you've taken off the cooler to redo your Arctic Silver you have totally cleaned the whole thing up first? No pre-applied thermal on teh heat sink? No left over Arctic Silver? You've also applied the Arctic Silver correctly?
  8. Yeah, every time i reapplied the thermal paste, i removed the previous paste with rubbing alcohol on a qtip on both the cpu and the hsf. Ive also tried several methods of applying the paste; just putting one dot, spreading a line ( which i heard is what youre supposed to do if you have an i7) and spreading the paste with a credit card evenly across the hsf. Spreading the paste with a credit card yielded the best temps, so that method is what is currently being used.
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