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My ASRock G41C-VS mo'bo' has these settings in the bios under "DRAM Timing Control":
---------------Default ("Auto")-------Minimum---------Maximum
DRAM tCL-------------6-------------------3---------------7--- (For DDR3 Min: 5 Max: 7.)
DRAM tRCD------------6-------------------3--------------10---
DRAM tRP-------------6-------------------3-------------------
DRAM tRAS-----------18-------------------9-------------------
DRAM tRFC-----------52------------------15-------------------
DRAM tWR-------------6-------------------3-------------------
DRAM tWTR------------4-------------------2-------------------
DRAM tRRD------------3-------------------2-------------------
DRAM tRTP------------3-------------------2-------------------

This is the case when you choose "Auto". But you can increase or decrease them as you can see.

I want to run all my hardware at 100% stock speed.
1) If I choose the maximum values, then would they still be considered stock?
2) Is anything going to burn?
3) Is the speed of the working on my PC going to increase a little?
4) I would like to set minimum values for things that are going to slow down. (ONLY if possible.)

I got no idea what these value stand for. I have to ask this, because my processor E7500 ran at 9 out of 11 multipliers. I had to correct it. And when we choose "Auto" in the memory section, it automatically runs my DDR2 800 MHz in 667 frequency. I had to correct that too.

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  1. What is your RAM's timings... example: 7-8-7-24-2T (or N)?

    This is what you want to set your DRAM timings to, not Max or Min!!

    edit: Also, you need to make sure your voltage and speed (Mhz) is equal to what is listed on your actual RAM sticks. By doing this, you will get the most stable results.
  2. You got any utilities that would help me find and post these values? Like the CPU-Z? I am unable to find the same in the bios.

    I think things are working according to the specifications. I have doubts only about the above things.

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    If you look on the actual RAM sticks, they will list 7-8-7-24-2T (or N) for example

    These correspond to the following values in your DRAM Configuration for 7-8-7-24 values =

    DRAM tCL
    DRAM tRP

    Next, you need to change your DRAM Command Rate to match the ?T (or N) value on your RAM stick.
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