Vertex 3 Testing way lower than expected

I have the following specs:

asus z68 pro
16gb Corsair Vengeance Ram
Vertex 3 120gb
Haf-X 942 Case

The SSD is plugged into one of my Sata 6gb ports and when I run HD Tune it's reading speeds of only 200mb/s whereas the ssd is rated for 550mb/s??

Does anyone know what I'm missing? Also HD Tune claims that it's running critically hot...but that seems impossible considering the haf-x has a massive fan blowing on it...
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  1. ok actually I just tested it using ATTO instead and it's reading around 350 writing around 250...the drive only has 20gb space left and it is running on ahci....does this sound about right?
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    it only gets full speed in a few scenarios. use "ATTO disk benchmark" to see max speed. if its still low, ive seen that new drivers help, im not sure if the vertex 3 is a line that needs a firmware update. but maybe. also trim may not be enabled on your computer.
    check this out for trim, the reqirements section will tell you what to enable.,2800-2.html
  3. guess i got distracted for too long while posting
  4. I just noticed I have the ssd in the marvell controller...there's also the intel controller....which would work better? or would one work better than the other?
  5. ok I found the issue and here's a little tip of knowledge for anyone that may need it...

    DON'T PLUG INTO THE MARVELL CONTROLLER!....just tried the intel controllers and I'm getting speeds for both read and write in the 500s

    also use ATTO...seems more accurate than HD...thx for the tip about trim though farren....haven't looked into it yet but it's a good tip nonetheless
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