I have hybrid Crossfire need help.

I have an MSI 785GM-E65 with an onboard 4200HD IGP, i just bought a 4890HD and i need help setting up the hybrid crossfire.
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  1. Hybrid crossfire only works with the very lowend cards to give them an extra boost. Look at this chart from ATI. You will have to disable onboard graphics and use the dedicated card.

  2. thanks a bunch now i know that i can't run the hybrid xfire its not frustrating me anymore :P
  3. Be sure to give jay2tall a best answer award for quickly and succinctly answering your query! Enjoy your card, it is a powerful GPU, and will do great on it's own, if Hybrid Xfire was even possible with it, the performance could only suffer, as the IGP pales in comparison to the 4890.
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