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Hello I wanted to Find out how much you can Overclock this AMD FX 4100 Black Edition 3.6GHz Quad-Core Socket AM3+ Processor too??
I wanna Overclock but not sure on what to do?? Like what to Disable in the Bios & need Help wit some things... Here is my Spec of my Pc


AMD FX 4100 Black Edition 3.6GHz Quad-Core Socket AM3+

Memory Ram......... Getting New Ones Soon & Need Help With Setting up Timing & I didnt no motherboard before purchase Ram I had to Overclock DDR3 1333 (oc)

Evga Gtx 570

500gb hard drive

That my Spec..... I need help config on overclocking my processor..... & my Ram overclocking........... I'm a Gamer & really want good action out of this :bounce:
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  1. You don't want to overclock without a non stock cooling solution with the FX Series.

    I use this to help cool my CPU for overclocking ^
  3. Ohh I'm Sorry I forgot to Post I have A Corsair H70 Water Cooling Heatsink so Think that will do just fine??
  4. Yes that will do just fine.
  5. Ya I have Overclock Before put I dont no how much you can overclock these Processors?? & I need Help with the Settings... Someone Helped me out before on this forum they gave me direction on what to do.... I just got this new Ram & I dont no how to overclock it for the mobo........ I'm not good at reading quide it confuses me lol
  6. ? Nobody Can Help me out lol whatt
  7. your CPU is 95W and your Mobo Max TDP 95W .. worse overclock
  8. What really so cant overclock? & I cant use this processor for this motherboard or what??
  9. If I can I just cant Overclock right??
  10. U can but very little and not different with default ,if u want oc it, get motherboard support TDP 125W or 140W , it will perfect overclock .. Good luck
  11. oh ya okay thanks for the heads up & can you help me on my memory thing setting up the timing it shows ddr3 1333 (oc) & I didnt no that before I purchase Ram here new ram i got
  12. your RAM is good with 1066 CL7 (7-7-7-21) that same speed with 1333 CL9 (9-9-9-24), and your mobo supoort 1066 if you want go speed to 1333 you need set manually from bios but need add voltage ram and relax/ lossen timming
  13. Ya it is a good ram I bought it before & what you mean its the same speed as 1333 cl9 9-9-9-24? I have a DDr3 1333 right now its a Patriot brand & timing is 8 cas something & the computer runs right now & i didnt overclock anything i dont no how to set up timing & im suppose to get this new ram Mondayy
  14. I bet the ddr3 1333 ram right now in my computer is not set right?? I saw on my mobo when was reading manual its says i have to overclock to use 1333 ram but not sure how to set up timing & stuff??
  15. ya ... your mobo just show 1066 :D it max your mobo read automatic .. just do manually if want 1333
  16. I try to get help on Memory Forum but nobody seems to help me out set my memory ram lol can you help bud?
  17. it shows this Support for 1333+ (O.C.)/1066/800 MHz memory modules
  18. support 1333 (OC) it's mean you need manually like OC from bios ! :o
  19. Ya how do I do that I dont no how to overclock a Ram or Setup Timing lol so confused by all that stuff! This is why I come to this forum again some before helped me out on my other gaming Pc & it still runs like a Boss
  20. what kind type your mobo ??? or go bios find setting memory .. many option to 800 - 1066 - 1333 select 1333
  21. its a Gigabyte & here mobo link [...] 25&dl=1#ov ...............& when i went into settings I changed it to 1333 & you dont have to change the dram configuration?? like setup the timing for it or leave it on auto? last time i changed mine & someone gave me direction on what to change
  22. I just got my Ram on Sunday & i wanna install it but ill I have to do is just put it on 1333 & i dont have to set the timing to what its says 7-7-7-21???
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