BIOS flash and new CPU

I'm interested in buying the new 930 i7 (came out sunday) with an Asus P6T motherboard. The website states that the CPU is supported since a specific version of the BIOS.

My question is, if I get both the CPU and the BIOS, and find out that the BIOS is an earlier release version, how would I flash the BIOS to that version with the CPU that I currently have? Is it even possible?

I feel like its a chicken and an egg game here.

Also, the last time I built/purchased a PC was over 8 years ago....

I'm going to purchase:

DVD Drive
Video Card
Hard drive

Am I missing anything? Or is there anything to add?

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  1. You can flash the bios no problem. If I recall, it's pretty easy with Asus boards. Just check the manual of the motherboard or the asus website for instructions.

    If you are happy with your current monitor then you didn't miss anything. If you need any more help, just give us a shout.
  2. This is purely hypothetical but I would be able to (eventually) flash it, but in this case, I wouldn't have a CPU to flash it with because its not supported by the current BIOS version I guess? Unless there is a way of doing it without the CPU.

    Let me know, and I'll pull the trigger on this thing.

    Thanks again.
  3. If the board does not post with the 930 in it you're screwed. You would need a cpu supported by the BIOS it shipped with.

    If it posts but doesn't run the cpu at its rated speed/identify the cpu correctly you can flash it.

    It is most likely the latter of the two. Since the 930 is basically nothing but a 920 DO with a higher multi. To be 100 percent sure I would email Asus and ask them.
  4. Since you're building a high-end system, why not try a Solid State Drive? You don't want a platter disk hard drive to bottleneck your nice new shiny 930 (jI'm jealous).
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