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I want to overclock my Amd Phenom ll X4 965 to 4500mhz but it seems to only go to 4100mhz would I need to increase the Core voltage to increase it or do I need to do more then that?


Links to the page with everything about it, no need to download either. [:hotwiregirl]

The specs are from CPU-Z
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  1. Please provide a simple synopsis of your system and settings, including volts and temps. Don't forget your IMC/NB speed.

    4GHz or so at 1.375v-1.4v at low- to mid-50Cs would not be uncommon with the current C3s --- going higher, of course, depends upon your chip and the AMD volt-wall, and your cooling.

    Anything above your current speed is kinda showing off and most likely simply generate heat with little in return in clock speed.
  2. I nailed it [:lutfij:4]

    How 'bout some temp info?
  3. CPU Temp acquired! xD
  4. I'm a bit uncomfortable with Core Temps as I haven't seen a 'conversion' (AMD does temps differently from Chipzilla -- they don't 'Tj Max')

    Try HWMonitor or AOD.

    70c is way too much --- 35c at load is way too low.

    (Not that it probably matters) but I suspect there may be a more current BIOS for your mobo. There may be options for you to boost your IMC/NB speeds without adjusting the system clock.

  5. Ill go see if there is thanks for the help so far [:hotwiregirl:1]

    Yup there is a more current one, should I go ahead and flash it? Or wait till you tell me first about overclocking.
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    If those are your temps at 100% load, I wouldn't touch a dang thing.

    Even when I OC and under-volt, my temps are in the mid-40Cs with the PhII quads at load. That's quite a chip you have there, and an impressive performance from the MSI mobo.

    Wanna swap some stuff? :lol: I'm easy.

    General Rule of Thumb on BIOS Updates: If it ain't broke, don't update it (unless there are new features/adjustments in the BIOS that are beneficial to you).

    Going beyond your current CPU speed will have minimal impact on overall performance. Bumping the IMC/NB speed will increase memory bandwidth and decrease latency, but ...

    Be careful and don't blow it. You're at quite a sweet place!
  8. Yea that's what the read-me said in the bios update xD I was like that cant be right, but I guess it is. Thanks :D

    I clocked at 4100 but was unsure if I should of gone further, But thanks to you I'm now at ease with what I got. Much appreciated!!!
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  10. When the time is right for you ... a BIOS update (not yet distributed) should add AM3+ Piledriver support --- most likely in the next few months. Piledriver should run cooler, clock higher, patch a few things and boost performance over Bulldozer Zambezi by 15-20%.

    For gaming, you are as good as it gets. For video, graphics and 3D modeling a future upgrade to Piledriver (after that original new price smell wears off) would be quite beneficial for you -- we will see how it games :)
  11. Sounds good :D
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