Overclocking 1600 DDR3 memory

I recently purchased new memory for my new build and was wondering what are some safe timings for overclocking.



I was trying to reach around 2000mhz and was wondering if the timing of 9-10-9-27 and set the voltage to 1.65 volts would achieve anywhere around that.

Thanks for any help in advance.
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  1. The stock timings for that RAM is 10-10-10-27, decreasing it to 9-10-9-27 would make it more difficult to reach your 2000MHz goal. There is usually a trade-off of timing and frequency, meaning if you want to raise one you must lower the other. I suggest trying to increase the frequency first, see how stable it is, if it is not stable then loosen the timings (raise the number values) and try again. I am always hesitant to adjust the voltages as it is not an area which I feel confident in my understanding, and in any case it should probably be the last thing you adjust.

    Hope that gets you started.
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