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I'm looking to build a gaming PC in the range of $1000-$1200, and it's been more than half a decade since I paid attention to PC hardware. I'm pretty lost after spending a few hours on this site but the technical knowledge and helpfulness have encouraged me to post.

I tried to start out easy and was looking at combo deals on newegg and saw this one. I was wondering if there were any compatability issues, if it seemed like a decent setup for the price, and what PSU I should look for, or if I should just start from another angle.
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  1. Whoops, I originally asked for a link, but now I see that it was just well-tagged.

    For starters, the drive looks suspect. Generally people are going to recommend the Samsung F3 Spinpoints, and the Seagate Baraccuda 7200.12s.

    The standard reply on this site is going to be that if you're planning on spending over $600ish, you will get more bang for your buck building it yourself. I recommend starting with the stickies in the forum and reading through them (at least the recommended builds and how to ask for build help).
  2. if you are talking about the one with the lexa and i5, yea its good. you could probably do better by having smaller combos, but it is ok. for 1200$ you can get a pretty high end AMD or a low end intel, both would perform about the same.
  3. Those video cards also appear to be last-generation, that may or may not be an issue for you.
  4. oops i missed it too :whistle: the video cards are good, but outdated. like i said before, you can do way better by configurating things in smaller chunks, although it is a pretty good deal.
  5. Thanks for the help. I'll be starting from the ground up then, scanning other threads for ideas.
  6. if i were you, i would get a 955 or i5. the i7 is a bit expensive for your budget, because you would probably have to get a 5770 or lower.
  7. You can choose a single video card and use this setup:

    System Builder Marathon, Dec. 2009: $1,300 Enthusiast PC

  8. CPU/MOBO Combo

    i5 and P55 UD4P $364.99


    RAM- G Skill Eco DDR3 1333 7-7-7-21 1.35v $99.99

    GPU - ATI HD 5850 $299.99


    HD Spinpoint F3 $54.99

    If not in stock Seagate 7200.12 $54.99

    Optical Drive
    Doesn't really matter, any LG, Sony, LiteOn ~$30 SATA one works fine
    Liteon one for $28.99

    Case- Mostly A personal choice here, but just get one with bottom mounted PSU, nothing smaller than a 120mm fan, and with at least a front intake, rear output and top output fans.

    HAF 922 is one of the best options for the money $99.98

    PSU Corsair 750TX $109.99 $89.99 after MIR

    Total $1038.92

    If you wanna spend a little more money you could go to a 5890, but even Crysis the 5850 will run fine at max settings at 1920x1200.


    Crysis is at 42.5 FPS at high w/ 4x AA. I get about ~35 FPS with 2x AA and max settings @1920 x 1200. I consider this perfectly playable, considering TV/Console games run at 24 FPS.

    5980 $427.99

    42% increase in price over a 5850 for ~15%-20% performance increase. Meh, not worth it IMO.

    The build is a lot less than the $1200, but there really isn't much to change that'll give you a big boost in gaming performance w/o going over $1200. If you want the Comp for CPU intensive tasks you can consider getting a i7-860 instead which is basically the i5 w/ hyper threading so it has 8 threads.

    Can budget in more money for some Caviar green 1.5tb if you need media storage space.

    $109.99 for 1.5TB, probably best price per GB atm.

    If you wanna go over $1200, biggest changes would be to get a second 5850 and drop the Mobo to a P55 UD4 (the UD4P extra features are disabled if you xfire) $139.99


    Also you can consider getting a SSD, intel X25-M $299.99


    Won't help FPS in gaming, but it makes loading/booting and responsiveness of the system feel better. Anand Li Shimpi, probably most respected hardware reviewer in the world, considers it the single greatest upgrade to a computer system.


    Edit: If you wanna OC, grab a HSF

    Cm Hyper 212 plus $28.83- best performing HSF for an i5, and much cheaper than those overpriced $80 ones.
  9. Excellent build by banthracis. I personally didn't like the SBM builds this time. Thought you could do much better.

    Only change I would make to the build is to switch the Corsair PSU for an OCZ StealthXStream 700W. It's $80, with a $25 rebate. OCZ makes excellent PSUs as well, and are almost always cheaper.

    I wouldn't recommend the 1.5 TB Caviar Green. If you need more space that 500 GB, get the 1 TB Samsung F3 for $85.

    I also don't really think SSDs are worth it right now. Once the price falls a bit, they will be.
  10. Yea the OCZ one works fine, but I don't like multi rail PSU's. They're more difficult to make a build with especially if you plan on Xfire since you have to manually balance +12v rails when cabling. Also with 4 rails this one is 4x as likely to fail as a single rail PSU =D

    Really, though, not a huge diff, and if you really wanna save some money go for it.

    Recommended to caviar green for media storage. Performance isn't a big deal for that purpose and that 1.5tb green is the best gb/dollar i can find atm.

    If the 500gb boot isn't enough for your OS, Apps and games, then yea, get a 1 tb spinpoint f3.
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