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I run a RAID 0 setup as my boot drive, using two Samsung F3s. There has been some issues with the RAID setup, and sometimes the RAID will fail, but I've always managed to reboot the system. Usually the fix is a simple "Reset to normal" in the Intel Rapid Storage software interface.

I've taken precautions against this by checking the SMART data on both HDDs. Since the result always showed the drives as healthy, I just left the problem as it is.

Yesterday, the problem occurred again, only this time, I can no longer boot from the RAID volume due to one of the HDDs reporting a SMART event. I've checked the disk overnight with Samsung's ESTOOLs, and the tests comes back without errors, barring the SMART event. I get the feeling that my drive would probably function if I could get it to boot, but I can't detect the HDD due to the SMART event. (Drive bad and replace error on boot).

I probably shouldn't have left things as they were, but that's besides the point right now. My question now is whether I can bypass SMART somehow to boot back into my system. I would dearly love to have my files back. Inside ESTOOLs, there is an option to disable SMART on the drive, but I can't seem to get it to stick (every time I reboot, SMART is turned back on). I can't find an option to turn off SMART within my bios either (American Megatrends, MSI GD65).

I've done a bit of reading on this, and the potential abuse that allowing consumers to reset SMART on HDDs would entail, but I've also seen numerous people with HDDs that are dead due to bad RAID controllers or bad cables causing a build up in the SMART meter. Its a bit silly that there is no failsave on this feature for times when SMART is legitimately showing an error. I shouldn't be locked out of my data by SMART.
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