$200 for a $3000 laptop? Scam or not?

$3000 laptop for $200 bucks...Scam or not?

I wanted to know your input on this "Great Deal"

Click on my link and then click on the "Freedom Systems" link at the top of the page.

Anyway the deal is you pay a $200 fee.(check "Terms" on their site to see an explination of everything!)
They ship you a:
PIII 1Ghz Laptop w/DVD/CDRW, 15"TFT, 32mbNvida, 30Gig HDD.
You are then targeted for direct mail
You have to fill out a survey 12x/year.
The system is yours for a 2year period.
At the end of 2 years you can return it for a termination of the contract. OR, Pay $600 and you keep the system. OR, You return the system and sign up for another 2 years and you get a new system.

To good to be true? I think so.
I did however order one and so did about 15 other people that I know. I put it on the VISA so I can dispute the charges if it is a total scam.

Anyway what do you all think. Let me know.


Here is the link, once there click on the "Freedom Systems" link at the top of the page.

System Specs:
Athlon 1.4
SK-6 HS w/Delta fan
Radeon 64 VIVO Reatail
Pioneer 16x DVD slot
TDK 24x burner
15" TFT Display
Modded Lian-Li PC-30 Case
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  1. The thing is you won't be allowed to format and reinstall. You can't upgrade except with their parts. It's not your laptop. You have to turn it in at the end of two years or pay another 600 to keep it. It's a good deal for someone who really needs a computer for school but doesn't have the money right now. For hard core computer users it sucks.

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  3. are they hot or have problems - i vote scam
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