Giants choppy on a GF3 ?!?

Just got my spanking new Elsa Gladiac 920, and to my utmost horror I find that the bundled version of Giants: Citizen Kabuto much of the time (either when there is action onscreen or just staring at a richly filled landscape) slows to between 15-25 FPS. Of course, settings are maxed and at 1024x768x32.

I suspect this may be primarily due to the fact that this version is redone to take advantage of some of the GF3's new built in effects. But what does that say if the Card it was optimized for can't even run them at decent FPS?

Damn straight I expect a GF3 to run even this graphically intensive game smoothly at at least over 50 FPS CONSISTENTLY....

Anyways... my specs:
Athlon B 700
Asus K7V (4in1 and AGP Miniport drivers installed)
256 Megs RAM
Elsa Gladiac 920 GF3 with Nvidia Ref. 12.41
Maxtor 40 Gig 7200 rpm HD
Win 98se

So.. any thoughts?
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  1. Have you tried any other settings? I know that you shouldn't have to worry about lowering the resolution with a GF3, but if it's giving you problems at a number of resolutions then maybe it's the card. Just speculating though. What about other games?

    I don't know what the latest drivers are, but at the very least try reinstalling the ones you have.

    You say that you have a special version of giants? Maybe they released it too soon. Check for a patch. Alternatively check to see how the standard version runs on your machine if you have access to it through a friend for example.

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  2. Strange... I know there's a brand new patch for giants- it's version 1.4. Try that. I have Giants running at 1024x768 32bit on a GF2 Pro- runs at around 40fps.

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  3. mpjessie, your 40 fps, are all the graphics settings maxed? There are times when around 50-60 fps can be reached, but generally, with relatively low to medium amount of onscreen action (with serious firefights it is understandible that the rates would be lower), the rates drop to those I mentioned earlier.

    Well, lowering the resolution to 800X600 helps a little, but not all that much. To be sure the card was okay, I ran a full benchmark with 3DMark2001 Pro which also tests new directX 8 features. I checked and it seems my card does in fact perform comparibly to your average GF3, so at least that is a comfort.

    Reinstalling the nvidia drivers did not do anything.

    I suppose it could be that, with Giants already being a game hungry for graphics power, having all settings maxed AND enabling all the new DX8 features in this game perhaps are a bit too much. The point of this post was really just a worry about whether all these new features of a GF3 really will in fact make new games look beautiful AT THE SAME TIME as having high enough frame rates. Could be that the problem was adding all this stuff to an old game. I'm sure any new game with implemented DX8 features will fare much better.

    So here's to looking foreward to Aquanox and Dronez. Cheers.
  4. I would venture that your 700 Athlon B is a little under powered to fully supply a GeForce3.

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