Any way to avoid Lock Screen on boot?

I can see the purpose of a Lock Screen if you actually lock your screen after boot up. Like when you step away from your computer to get some coffee, you can press <Windows Key + L> to keep prying eyes and hands away from your work. (With Windows 8 Metro, there's probably a more convoluted path to do it, I'm sure. :lol:)

However, why the extra step during the boot process? Why not boot directly to the log-in screen? (Or, presumably, if you have a single user with no password, directly to the Start screen?)

Is there a way to do that: boot directly to the log-in screen, bypassing the Lock Screen?
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  1. There is, but everytime I do it(User accounts in control panel), it reverts back on the next bootup. I think it has to do with windows messenger, for me that is.
  2. Oh yea, in control panel, there is Power Options, in the left pane, says require password on wakeup, is that what you are looking for?
    Or just the straight boot up?
  3. I want to change just the boot-up process.

    I *want* to password protect a wake-up from a manually invoked Lock Screen (or a timed-out one, i.e. one that pops up after a designated time of inactivity.)

    What is the value of an added step in boot up? Why lock the screen when a user hasn't even logged on yet? I'm missing the Big Picture.
  4. The lock screen is standard on all products. Look at your phone, you boot it up but there is still a lock screen. Some people boot their computer and don't go use it instantly so the lock screen provides a nice look. It is also one swipe up to unlock and I am pretty sure most people don't mind it.
  5. My iPhone boots up to a screen where I directly enter my 4-digit code and then I'm active on my "desktop."

    Windows 8 offers a pretty picture/lock screen that I must flick out of the way to get to the screen where I enter my password. Windows 8 inserts an intermediate step that my iPhone doesn't.
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