Vga to hdmi wont give signal

i just bought a vga to hdmi for my laptop and new hdtv, and when i go to choose output it doesnt show the cable, ive had vga to vga before and it worked, what am i doing wrong??
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  1. VGA is a purely analog signal and HDMI is a purely digital signal, VGA to VGA works because you are transmitting analog video and the monitor is expecting analog video, however, VGA isn't capable of sending a digital signal so unless there is something in the line that is converting the analog signal to a digital signal for HDMI you won't get any video from it. VGA carries only analog, DVI carries both analog and digital, and HDMI carries only digital. Giving the fact that it isn't working I am quite sure the adaptor setup you are using doesn't convert the signal. a VGA to DVI to HDMI connection won't work either in case thats what you are trying. the analog will make it to the DVI but not the HDMI in that case. I hope this helps. When shopping for a TV I would always look for one with a VGA or DVI port.
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