Memory unganged?

I think my memory is installed right but I don't if what I'm seeing at boot up right. I see my 2 sticks as dual channel but I also see that they come up as unganged.
What am I looking at? Anybody ...... Thanks
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  1. This is what I found out......Ganged = dual channel mode for ram. All cores get access to 100% of the ram.

    unganged = single channel. Each core gets access to a stick of ram.

    In theory, the unganged mode is better as each core will get access to data quicker. In theory........
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    From "UNLEASH THE DRAGON", AMD “Dragon” Platform Technology Performance Tuning Guide - page 15:

    The Memory controller of AMD Phenom and AMD Phenom II CPUs can be set to run in Ganged mode or in Unganged mode. Ganged mode means that there is a single 128bit wide dual-channel DRAM Controller (DCT) enabled. Unganged mode enables two 64bit wide DRAM Controllers (DCT0 and DCT1). The recommended setting in most cases is the Unganged memory mode. Ganged mode may allow slightly higher Memory performance tuning and performs well in single-threaded benchmarks.

    Depending on the motherboard and BIOS, it may be required manually setting the timing parameters for each DCT (in Unganged mode) when performance tuning the memory or fine tuning the timings. Some BIOS versions apply the same timings automatically for both DCTs in an Unganged mode.
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  4. Great! And thanks to you both
  5. Unganged allows individual DCT timings such as tRAS 3 and 5 on my Foxconn A7DA-S.
    Not all mobos support individual timings per DCT as stated by bilbat.
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