Learning how to overclock

Hi a friend recommended this website to get some good help with overclocking.

my plan is to buy a decent rig after christmas and i plan to oc it
so i decided i'd buy a cheap old rig to learn how to oc properly.

My rig is

motherboard: DFi Lanparty NF4 SLI-DR Expert

CPU: AMD Athlon 3500+ 'Clawhammer'

PSU: Seasonic 500W

Ram: i have 2x 1 gig sticks of unbranded ram which im useing currently but also have a gig stick of crucial, 512mb hynix and 512mb infinion (not great selection i know)

GFX: Asus geforce 9400 GT

Hdd: 80gb Seagate barracuda 7200.7

I have gotten it to oc to 2641mhz up from 2200mhz

What i did was i set the LDT/FSB frequency ratio to X 4.0
Then i slowly raised the FSB bus frequency up to 240mhx which after it would either bsod or keep resetting.

At this setting its rock solid i ran 3dmark06 with no problems

I have no played with ram timings or voltages yet.

The temps under load was 50 and idle about38-40

So id say there is some more headroom for a higher oc

Looking for some advice on what to do next

Thank you in advance

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  1. Heya Cat, any chance of altering the multiplier there? or is it locked at x11?
    I'd google 'your chip overclocking' just to see what/how others have gotten along with it,
    one thing I would say is set your ram timings to the stated settings and voltage, and also your Cpu voltage should be set by you, not controlled by the Mobo, grab coretemp to keep an eye on the temps there but 1.47v is going to be heating you up some, stock cooler?
    grab a Hyper212 at least to up the cooling man, it will give you more headroom :)
    oh, and welcome to Toms :)
  2. Thanks for the welcome :)

    Unfortunately the multiplier is locked by AMD.
    I have googled to see if the chip overclocks well can't really find much info on how people overclocked it but people get 2.7-3.0 on average and one person got 3.5!
    I'll set the voltage and timings myself and tell you what happens, everything like that is set to 'auto' at the moment.
    I use speedfan to monitor my temps, i also have smartgardian which came with the mobo but the temps is records are not accurate as i read in reviews of the mobo, it reads about 5-10 degrees below speedfan.

    I have an AMD heatpipe cooler and i added a 120mm fan into the 5.25 bays in the wavemaster that i showed you to help airflow. I'll probably re-apply the tim as the cooler came attached when i got the mobo so no idea what tim was used and i have some good stuff i could put on.
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