Biostar or Gigabyte?

I am planning on buying a new motherboard for my computer after my xfx 8200 died. I have a Amd Athlon X2 5200 and a 9800 gt. Is this Gigabyte GA-MA770-UD3 Socket AM2 AMD 770
or this
Biostar A770E Motherboard
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  1. I've had good luck with biostar boards, but don't know how this board runs. The first board may be out of stock (item not found).
  2. In my experience Gigabyte boards are always of the highest quality. Biostar can be hit and miss. As o1die said, he has had good luck with them but overall I believe only Asus makes boards the same quality as Gigabyte.
  3. both look like good boards. i recomend gigabyte because i've had experience with them and thier quality. although i should say i've not heard of major quality issues with biostar.
    Save up a bit and maybe you could move to an am3 board and proccesor but that depends on your other needs....
  4. Thanks.
    They are both mostly the same except for the hd sound and the pci e slots on the gigabyte.
    I've somewhat decided on the gigabyte motherboard, im just looking for secondary opinions.
  5. I think you've decided, but I've always felt like Asus and Gigabyte boards were high quality. I'd go Gigabyte if I had to choose.
  6. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    1- ASUS
    2- Gigabyte
    3- MSI
    4- EVGA (Intel only)
    5- ASRock (ASUS company)
    6- The rest
  7. LOL @ saint19
    I think you should add elitegroup at number 7.
  8. ^That's in the number 6 as " The rest" :lol:
  9. :) As in elitegroup is the worst
    6- the rest except elite group
    7- elite group
  10. ^ :lol: If u say so :lol: I never has had one
  11. ^lucky lol
    you did not have to endure the laggy freeziness
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