ATI 4850 no signal problem (can't even access bios or safemode)

Hi everyone,

So i've been having issues with my HIS 4850 graphics card and i'm stuck. Basically my graphics card crashed when I turned up the settings while playing Section 8. I've made sure that all the ramsinks are installed properly on the card and that the card is well seated. After the crash, I was getting green artifacts on the windows loading screen and then getting crashes when vista booted up. So I rebooted in safemode and removed all ATI drivers and then restarted my computer. Now my computer won't even post and all I get is a black screen. I can't even access the bios or safemode anymore. I've tried clearing cmos. Is there anything I can do? Please help! Thanks

Here are my specs:

550 Corsair PSU
GA EP35 DS3l mobo
HIS 4850 with Accelero Rev 2 /w 120 mm fan attached.
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  1. Sounds like you're up a creek man. Do you have another system to test with?
  2. Restart your board manually
  3. I do, at my bro's house. I have a feeling that my driver's are all messed up. I noticed that my computer is able to boot into vista, but i'm not getting a signal on my monitor. I am using a dvi to vga adapter, could this be the problem? Thanks for the reply btw
  4. Clear CMOS. it is between your battery and sata ports. should be three pins. Shut Down Computer. Move the jumper to the other two pins for about 60 seconds. Then return to the original two pins. Then Turn on
  5. Thanks again for your input. I do appreciate it. I did try clearing the CMOS by removing the battery for about 5 mins. After trying that, I put jumpers on the clear cmos pins for a couple of minutes. Still no signal from my monitor. I've tested the card on two monitors but they are 21'' and 24'', could this be the problem?
  6. No, since your computer is not posting, I would think that this problem is more than your monitor or graphics card. Any other changes on the mobo? Do you have another system to test the graphics card
  7. Any overclocking? Any possibility of screws being dropped on your mobo... anything. Think about it.
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