Add more voltage even if you think its stable!

I have just found out that increasing the voltage in your overclocking a bit further that what you consider "stable", might fix the micro-stuttering that people has been experiencing with certain games.

For months Ive had my AMD 965@3.9GHZ, NB 2.6GHZ; 1.4Vcore, 1.25VCPUNB for what I considered "stable", since at that OC config my system managed 24hrs with no errors/overheating in Prime in blend, small, and large tests, Linx, Intel Burn Test. So with all those test passed with no problems for 24 hrs, one might think I got a very stable OC, but I was so wrong.

Ive tried to get my system to 4.0GHZ and increased all the voltages a bit; I raised CPUVcore to 1.425 and NBVcore to 1.3 and I accidentally forgot to move my CPU to 4.0GHZ and I had it set it still to 3.9GHZ. As soon as I was testing my new settings even the only 2 games that had been giving micro-stuttering problems like mafia 2 and Skyrim were totally SMOOTH now!, 100% Smooth no stuttering, it was just perfect!. I was blaming my micro-stuttering problems to all other things like GPU, drivers, etc. (Updating drivers fixed some of the micro-stuttering but not at 100%, Increasing volts did it).

My suggestion is that even if you think that your OC its stable because u passed successfully a test of 24 hrs with prime 95, Linx, Intel Burn test, that doesn't mean that your overclock its stable, your system has to function real-smooth in every application (especially games, there are games that are very sensitive to overclocking like Mafia II and Skyrim as I discovered).

So if you having a bit of micro-stuttering in a game, u might want to raise your volts a bit to see if u can get rid of the stuttering, remember this: don't think your OC is perfect just because u passed a 24 hrs test of prime95, Linx, etc. Might be worth for some people to try this as well.
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  1. I guess this only applies to AMD processors.
  2. Might apply to Intel as well, there are a lot of threads about unexplainable micro-stuttering in games with Intel owners.
  3. What games? I could probably say I know what your talking about and it can probably be fixed by using a SSD.
  4. after reducing voltage on my 965 to 1.35 I had some bad micro stuttering in bf3. thanks for the tip!
  5. The only way this would make any sense is if it was somehow linked to PCIe transport errors
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