Looking to buy my dad a vid card for xmas need help

hello all im looking into getting my dad a new vid card for xmas he has a bone stock hp pavilion 1010n i was wondering what i could buy baseically the best card for the money im going to be upgradeing the system memory from 512mb to 1gig if that helps

thank you all very much
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  1. The memory upgrade is a good option. That system does not have a graphics slot so upgrading the video is not an option with out going PCI cards that are expensive and not very good. You are better of leaving it as is.
  2. try to get him 2 gigs is my advice.
  3. What are you trying to upgrade his video to do? Game? If so, that system is hurting from two angles, celeron and no pcie/agp expansion slot.

    Depending on what game he is trying to play an nvidia 5500 or ati 9250 would get you playability on older games but nothing new.

    List what the usage of the new video card will be and we will reply if its doable...
  4. This system is a very basic low end system with little upgrade path for anything. Internet, email, simple home office use, that is about it.
    A little more ram would be a nice touch, but beyond that, there is not a lot you can do with it....don't throw away your money on anything else but a small memory upgrade on this system, and call it good.
  5. If you are looking to play the latest games I second jitpublishers suggestion. Thats why I'm asking what the intended use is going to be. If you just want to play some older games on lower settings you can get by with one of the cards I suggested.

    You will need to reply back as for what the intentions are before I can give any solid suggestions. For the most part as everyones suggesting, don't expect an impressive gaming rig upgrading that system...
  6. sorry for takeign so long to respond i followed the advice and just got him a small ram upgrade : ) maybe next year me and mom can get him an i buy power desktop!

    thanks to everyone for your timely help i appreicate it
  7. You can find PCI 8400GS's, probably 9400GT/4350's too.

    Here's a cheap 9400GT on newegg (cheaper than the 4350)
  8. me33333 said:
    sorry for takeign so long to respond i followed the advice and just got him a small ram upgrade : ) maybe next year me and mom can get him an i buy power desktop!

    thanks to everyone for your timely help i appreicate it

    Not a problem buddy. Glad you are saving your money for the next pc. Maybe you should read up on how to build a pc, buy the parts and surprise your dad with the fact you built a system for him by yourself. Most any of us here will be glad to give you tips on your build when you are ready.

    You can get a lot more pc for your money if you build yourself and also its much easier to repair a built system instead of a store bought system since their parts are proprietary...
  9. is it feasible to buildyour own pc.... im no guru ido do minor things i have replaced the harddrive in my girlfriends laptop ive done ram upgrades a few other things but nothing insane....

    i would love to build him a nice budget gameing computer

    where would i start looking for something like this?
  10. It's definitely feasible and really not particularly hard. The hardest part is knowing what components to get and that's what places like this are for. First we would need some kind of budget however. In general if you don't have much to spend you can still build a pretty decent gaming computer for $400-500
  11. I always tell people that are planning to build to read this first http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/269162-31-recommended-builds-usage After reading that at least they know where to start.
  12. before i go ahead and post all of the links here would you guys mind ( i found everything that im going to need to build ) if i post them could you guys tell me if it sounds like a good idea and if they will all work togather

    thanks in advance guys i really really appreicate all of the great people out there willing to help an up and comer
  13. if you're looking to get him a PC next Christmas I'd wait till next holiday season lol..
  14. Here is a good start for a new PC http://www.newegg.com/Product/ComboBundleDetails.aspx?ItemList=Combo.311564&cm_sp=DailyDeal-_-311564-_-Combo
    Needs optical drive PSU and CASE, for somebody that is upgrading they would have all of that in their old system and Windows of course.
  15. i already bought him the ram upgrade for xmas... his birthday is in a month i was considering buying him the computer above ^ as his b-day gift but as ive never built a computer before i didnt know of all of the parts were even compatible

    or if they were a good match for a decent gameing rig as stated before no need for crysis full tilt but definitly tiger woods 09 diablo baulders gate kinda games

    thanks guys!!
  16. That will all fit together but it is a limited time offer!
  17. Alright. Looking over your part list there are a few things I would suggest.
    First you only need the fan and thermal paste if you are planning on a fairly high overclock. Otherwise the stock fan/heatsink that comes with the processor should be adequate(and comes with thermal paste pre-applied.)
    Second, I recommend DDR3 1600 mhz, the price difference is usually negligible and also 4 gigs of ram is considered standard these days pretty much. This would be a good choice;
    Third, a 160gb HD for $40? This is one of the fastest drives you can buy;
    $55 but over 3 times larger.
    Fourth, the GT 240 is underpowered and overpriced. It performs like a 9600GT but is significantly more expensive. This card is the same price and MUCH better;
    or this combo with the processor is a decent deal;
    The rest of the choices look decent.
  18. you guys are all awsome!! sorry for the lag in response but i bought all of the parts and just got it up and running today! the forums were all very helpfull everything went off with out a major hitch!!

    awsome forum great place thanks again guys!

    if i could bug anyone one more time shoot me a pm ( with taxes comeing up im considering building my self a PC ive got a parts list togather im just looking for someone to go over it im 90% sure its all compatible but i dont want to go ahead and order it and mess something up.... again thanks all )
  19. See there, I told you that you could do it and you have yourself a system that is more reliable and you can work on it if it goes down and you don't have to worry about expensive proprietary parts to buy.

    Good job bro. I bet you dads proud. ;)
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