Xfx gts250 Vs ati hd 4770

Which 1 is better gpu.
I have 500w cooler master psu.
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  1. The GTS is going to win more battles but they are pretty even.
  2. in term of performance GTS250 will be better than HD4770. direct competitor for GTS250 is HD4850
  3. I have the 4770, you can o/c it about 20%. It has the 40nm new smaller die the 5 series cards are using. It never gets hot. I have the xfx one available at newegg. In RE5 benchmark at 1680x resolution high settings, 2xaf I get 68fps, with the oc I get 85. When I bought this, I was going to get what I could get the cheapest.
    4770 won.
  4. The 4770 is more akin to a 8800GTS 512 (128 core) or GTS 250.
  5. GT 240? even with GDDR5 GT240 only on par with 9600GT
  6. It partially depends what you want to do with it.

    In most situations and applications, the GTS 250 will win. So in a budget gamer or something of that sort, that would be the way to go.

    The 4770 does have the advantage of using less power and making less heat, so in a media center type application, it would fair better. Also, this has already been pointed out but if you are into OCing, the 4770 would be more happy to oblige than the 250GTS.

    I do want to point out though that if your PSU has 2x6 pin connectors and you can spend another 20-30 bucks, you may want to look at the 4870.
  7. renz496 said:
    GT 240? even with GDDR5 GT240 only on par with 9600GT

    Oops, my bad, I meant GTS250.
  8. can my mobo support the cf & what about the 5770,5750.
    my pc cong is
    amd x4 9850be
    asus m3n78-em
    4gb ram 800mhz
    500w cooler master psu
  9. per your post, you have an amd x4 m3n78-em

    Looking that MoBo up, unfortunately you won't be able to Xfire or SLi with this board as there is only 1 PCI-e slot.


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