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I have a Dell Dimension 8300 and I am looking for an uprated power supply, 500W.

Can anyone recommend a PSU that will fit and plug in ok?

This would be ideal- but can't find anywhere to get it in the UK (cost from USA around £150 due to shipping):

Silencer Dell 500

Dimensions of the stock PSU are: 140x86x150

Any help much appreciated!!!

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  1. If you take a set of tin snips to the case back you can use pretty much any standard ATX psu that has a 20+4 pin main connector.
    The Silencer for Dell is different than standard only because it , like the Dell psu , has no switch.
  2. try
  3. Thanks Delluser. I was under the impression that Dell's had a different wiring setup.

    I'm not too confident about using the tin snips. The metal case is encased in a plastic outer, the PSU has no space around it, so anything larger and it will start coming outta the box and I don't want to cut the plastic outer.

    Thanks sunny- this was one of the first places I tried, it's a well known site.

    I'm really looking for a plug n play solution :-)
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