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Hi there this is my first post in this forum and im seeking advice for upgrading the current pc that i have.
Mobo : Asus P5k se
CPU : Core 2 Duo E6320 1.86ghz
Ram : 3gb DDR2 800
GPU : 8800GTS 320mb

By next year im looking at the upgrade options available to go with my motherboard, so im looking at DDR2 1066, better gpu, and core 2 quad cpus. any recommendations on which parts to select?
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  1. i heard lots of good thing about the cpu might actually eye on that one and certainly by next year the price will drop a lil as well. Not too sure about the GTX260 since the DX11 cards are out, is radeon a good choice or wait until nvidia brings out its DX11 cards?
  2. i would wait for nvidia to release their cards, see who is better, wait out the pricing war, and get a 380 (possibly with a i3 or i5) or just get a 5770 now.
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