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We have a user on our network, who is trying to access an MS Access database. The users machine is windows XP although the majority of the computers on our domain are Win 7. When this user logs in to her account she is almost imediatly greeted by a "desktop cannot be found" error (white background with a button saying to recover her desktop). When this user trys to surf the network drives it takes a rather long time to even respond to her mouse moving, clicking, or trying to move files. When the user attempts to access the database it takes 10+ minutes to load. We have taken this computer down to our maintance shop and had it reimaged with a fresh image of Win XP. This didnt fix the problem, so we then changed out the HDD and put a fresh image on the harddrive and then we replaced the NIC.

Both my self and the maintance guy were able to log into the computer, and were able to open the database just fine . We did knotise however a slower then normal speed when surfing the network drives. But other then that, no problems, everything was working fine, we had the user log in and same as before, same issues, extreamly slow speeds, database takes 10+ minutes to load, and the same desktop problems as before.

I have deleted, and recreated her profile in active directory from scratch, and shes still getting the same issues. We then created a new profile with a slightly different naming structure and still it persists. We then had her log onto a windows 7 box and she was able to access everything just fine. Upgradeing her machine to window 7 is not an option though due to some of the programs she uses are broken on windows 7. This leads us to believe thats its either the machine or her profile or a combination of the two.

We are completly at a loss here guys-n-gals, can you think of anything else we can try? We havnt been able to find a different windows xp computer yet that has MS access installed to test if it still happens with her account on a different windows xp machine.

Also, this didnt happen untill one of the people who were preforming the windows 7 upgrade a few months ago upgraded her machine to windows 7. Obviously we had to downgrade it to XP again after that and then these problems started. But considering weve replaced the entire harddrive it dosnt make sence to be still happening.
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  1. You are aware of the limitation of length in CAT5 and CAT6 cables right ? If your XP machine is far from router you need a signal booster/repeater.
    Other than that, wrong image, bad NIC driver included ?
    If you want a proper clean install, re-partition, re-format, install from a source, no imaging. Check server settings for priority of machines. Or maybe your DB settings on access priority. This advice is not free, I want some cheese. :) (since you have a job)
  2. Thank you for your help, we did the last thing we wanted to do and rebuilt the image from ground up and left some BS that did not need to be in it any more. This need to be done some time because this image was 4 years old and all we were doing was applying patches each month to keep it updated with Windows XP and the programs on there. But thank you again, for your help. Sorry i can not give and cheese here but come to WI, and can have some. :)
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