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I have 3 Cat5e outlets in each room. One is connected to my phone. I recently purchased a new desktop computer and was hoping to connect to the internet via one of the other cat5e connections.

However when I connect the cable into either of the remaining 2 connections. the phone goes dead. Any ideas what is going on.
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  1. This info has some holes in it.

    How do you normally connect to the internet?

    How is your phone hooked up to a Cat5 connection?

    How is it you expected internet out of a Cat5e box?

    Please clarify.
  2. Thanks for your response.

    I have DSL connection for my internet. My house came pre-wired with 3 cat5e connections in each room. Currently one of them is 'live' connected to my phone/DSL service.

    I have a splitter connected to this cat5e outlet. The splitter splits the phone and DSL connections and I can connect to my phone and internet respectively.

    I connect the DSL outlet of the splitter (in the study) to the DSL modem which is connected to a wireless router. The router also has 4 outlets one of which is connected to my desktop computer via a cable. The laptops have wireless connections.

    The phone is connected to 'phone' outlet of the splitter in the kitchen.

    I bought a new desktop and would like to connect it to the internet. Since I have 3 cat5e outlets in each room my plan was to connect the on of the free router outlet to the 'free' cat5e outlet. I can then connect my desktop computer (which is in the other room) to this cat5e outlet and access the internet.

    However when I do that the phone goes dead and ofcourse I do not get any internet connection.

    I am obviously doing something wrong. Appreciate your help.
  3. so the other two cat5 boxes have no service on them? Just the one box in each room? If this is the case the router will have to be hooked up where the wires for One of the other two Cat5 boxes start. A wiring closet or the like. Then all the Cat5 boxes you want connected to the internet will have to connect to the router.

    And of course the modem will have to be down with router and that will have to be plugged into the Cat5 with the service on it.

    Whatever set of Cat5 boxes you put on the router will be the ones that will service internet.

    If your internet is going out when you plug the router into one of the other 2 cat 5 boxes, it could be they installed it on all Cat5 boxes and not just one set. Meaning that's why it was not working when you just plugged in directly, which in theory should have worked if it was a separate set of lines.
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