ASUS P6T PCIE 2.0 X16 (x4 at link)???

On my ASUS P6T, I have 3 PCIe 2.0 X16 slos. They are rated at (x16/x16/x4 at link).

If I only have two cards, and I have one in the "x4 at link", do I only get x4 speeds? I thought it might only be x4 when I'm using tri sli?
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  1. Its recommended to put "one" card in the first PCI-E slot and "two" cards in the first and second slot, but you are right, the third slot will only work at x4 when used in Tri-SLI mode, so it should work fine on x16 in 2-way SLI
  2. Actually if you look in the bios it says 16x - 16x - 1x or 16x - 8x - 8x as well as in the manual.
  3. Wait, so will I get x16 in the last slot if i DON'T tri sli?
  4. Yes, but like i said its recommended to use a single card in the first PCI-E slot and if you want to SLI,put them in the first and second slot
  5. Hmm, wait, in the other post you said it should work fine at x16 in just 2-way sli. WHy would it be "recommended" to run it in the first two if in just a dual SLI setup, the x4 slot would be at x16 speeds?

    I'm asking because I want to run 2x GTX 295's, but I also have a PCI-E x1 sound card I purchased. So If I have one GTX 295 in the first slot, it'll block out the PCI-E x1 slot therefore my sound card is useless.

    Now i'm not sure whether or not I should return the sound card.
  6. Hmm...doesn't let me edit my last message. But i've been reading up and apparently I acn put an x1 card in the x16 slot?

    Also do you know anything about sound cards? I've read that PCI sound cards are better than PCI-E ones? Is that true?

    Thanks alot by the way.
  7. I was a little uncertain about it so i did a search and it seems that if you put the cards in the first and the third slot,then the third slot will work @ 8x,whereas the first one will work fine on 16x
    "If the third slot is unoccupied, the first two will both run at 16x. If the third slot is occupied (even if the second isn't), they will run at 16x/8x/8x."
    As for the sound card,well there are many good PCI models available, but since you already have ordered one, then you may want to keep it.
    So just to be sure that everything works fine at their correct speed,put your VGA cards in the first 2 PCI-E slot and the sound card in the last slot
  8. Alright, I'll do that. Thanks alot!! you have any opinions on which fan I should get for the prolimatech megahalem?

    I was planning on doing 2x slipstreams 110CFM...but I found out they have bad static pressure.

    So I was thinking about switching to the Ultra Kaze...but since its 44ish dBA (I'm use to 39.5ish), I was going to get a fan controller..

    After adding it up, 17.99 for 2x ultrakaze's, and a 18 dollar fan 3.25 drive bay. It adds up to about 36 dollars....
    So then I was just thinking of getting the San Ace 120x38 99cfm 9G fans....but they'll cost about 55 dollars for a push pull...

    You think the ultra kaze's would do fine?
  9. Here is a review of Ultra kaze
    The Good
    • Performance
    • Build quality
    • Price
    • Increased static pressure
    • Looks

    The Mediocre
    • Low MTBF rating
    • Can be noisy (Ultra Kaze 3000 especially)

    The Bad
    • Nothing to report
  10. Ended up buying San Ace's from Newwark. THey were 36.99 with shipping for two of them. :D, going to try to OC like crazy. I hope because they are 120x38mm fans, they won't mess with my side fan. We'll see. Thanks!
  11. Hope you enjoy it :)
  12. Haha, thanks again for everything Maziar!
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