Computer shuts down spontaneously, PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

Hey guys, I have a computer that's quite old, and the computer just keeps shutting down spontaneously.

It was running smooth before, and one day it just broke off...

Before it started to have the problem, I tried overclocking, and I checked the CPU temperature and the fan speed, the fan speed was like 3000-4000 RPM, and the temperature of the CPU was around 60 Celsius.

But when it started to break off, the RPM of the CPU fan dropped down to only about 2600RPM, and I couldn't find any controls that could change the CPU fan speed...

ASUS P5LD2 SE Motherboard
Intel Pentium IIII (2.80GHz)
2.5GB of Kingston RAM
ASUS Extreme AX550 Graphics Card

I know my computer sucks, I'm building a gaming rig maybe next year, but I still have to get this one fixed for my schoolwork!!!!!!!

If anyone of you know the answer, please do help me, any help is much appreciated!!!!!!!

Thanks ><
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  1. sounds like it may be a psu problem what king of psu do you have ?
  2. It's a really sucky PSU, I don't think it even has a brand -*-

    Because my dad bought this computer for me a long time ago, I didn't know much about computer back then.

    But anyways, the power supply is 450Watt, and I think I have found the problem.

    After the computer has shut down itself for about a dozen times, I started monitoring the BIOS screen until it shuts down, and found out that it shuts down whenever the CPU temperature reaches 102 Celsius

    Yes, that does sound ridiculous, I overclocked the CPU 30% using the AI Overclocking and the CPU was only at 62 Celsius before it started breaking off, and the CPU fan RPM was at about 4500.

    But when I took the CPU fan off to clean it, the RPM dropped down to only 2600RPM and the "NOT-OVERCLOCKED" CPU was at 70 Celsius to begin with, and slowly increased to 102.... and shut down.

    I am going to buy some more thermal compound these days, and I'll scrap off the old ones and replace it with the new one, I hope this works. If I doesn't, I am going to try a new CPU Fan.

    Thanks for replying, your time and help is very much appreciated =)
  3. And because the system is "mission essential" (school work), reset the BIOS to factory defaults to remove the overclock.
  4. yes until you can get a new rig or better case/ cpu cooler with better airflow DO NOT oc you can greatly damage your parts by overheating them like that
  5. Don't forget the power supply. (Use a can of air to blow out the cobwebs in the power supply.)
  6. Hey Guys, I bought some more thermal compound these days and the computer started working, thanks for all of your time and the very appreciated help!!!!!!!
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