Help with an NVidia 480 please!

Ok, so I have a close friend that is going to get rid of his NVidia 480... and he's giving it to me... for free.
I'm honestly afraid of what this GPU is capable of.
I have a 750W PSU (Rosewill HIVE series, 750W, modular, 80+ Bronze)
Will that PSU handle the power needs of the 480?
I also have the Rosewill BLACKHAWK ULTRA Gaming Tower, so I know the card will fit and have so good cooling.
Thing is though, I want to push this card to it's limits with overclocking.
Does anyone know a good cooling solution for the card for high OC's?
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    That PSU will have no problems running a single overclocked GTX480 so no worries there.
    As for the cooling,try watercooling systems or install lots of case fans.
  2. If you don't want to mess around with watercooling, there are those triple fan coolers that Arctic Cooling sells. Just make sure that it also cools the VRMs and RAM.
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