Hitachi Deskstar Reaching >48 C On open Table Setup


My Jan,2007 Hitachi Deskstar 320GB 7200rpm is idling around 45 C and reaching 46 C on Load.

When I'm stressing the HDD using HD Tune Benchmarks it is going over 49 C.

Room temperature should be around 27-28 C.

All my other drives(2XWD640AAKS,WD20EADS,WD500AAKS) dont go beyond 38 C in similar physical condition.

Is the Hard Disk temperature abnormal ? All the performance benches are normal. I've provided the HD Tune Health data for the drive.

How much warranty was Hitachi giving during Jan,2007 I think it was 5 years like every other brand back then. If so will they still honor the warranty ?

HD Tune Pro: Hitachi HDT725032VLA Health

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  1. 21°C above ambient temperature is fine. The drive is designed to handle it.
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    I had disconnected the drive for the past 4 months, till then it hovered around 38°-42°C max and these temperatures were with ambient averaging around 29°C. The difference in temperatures between the Hitachi and other HDD's used to be ~3°C, but now it's around 10°C.

    And now after 3 months the temperatures have risen a lot, even after a drop in ambient.

    I had read somewhere that hard disks start getting hotter because of increase in friction of motor assembly due to age. Is that the case ?
  3. Quote:
    I had read somewhere that hard disks start getting hotter because of increase in friction of motor assembly due to age. Is that the case ?
    I may increase a bit over time, but not significantly.,4347.html - Google's temperature research found an equally surprising result: "Failures do not increase when the average temperature increases. In fact, there is a clear trend showing that lower temperatures are associated with higher failure rates. Only at very high temperatures is there a slight reversal of this trend," the authors of the study found.,2923.html
  4. Thanks for the reply, my doubts are clear now. Temperatures > 45°C seem to increase the Annual Failure rates considerably for hard disks in their 4th-5th year.

    The increase in Temps of my HDD are due to only one reason AGE, so I'll be getting a new drive for backup to be on the safer side.

    I would like to point out one more thing, I've been using the HITACHI HDD for about 5 years now and my usage has been pretty rough, I used to turn off HDD after 3mins(leading to high start/stop cycles), I used it as an external storage too :D shifting it in many systems and finally running it non-stop for weeks at an end.

    Compared all my other HDDs WDs and Seagates, HITACHI is extremely reliable, in the past 5 years I lost 1xSeagate HDD , 2xWD Green HDDs and 1xWD HDD developed bad sectors. HITACHI was used more roughly then any other HDD in my stable but still it held it's own, HITACHI might perform 2-10% slower then the rivals but when it came to reliability there's no comparison.

    Thank You GhislainG for helping me out.
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